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Nico Muhly & Ira Glass on Composers & the Internet

Ira Glass, creator and host of “This American Life,” talks to composer Nico Muhly, who has composed a wide scope of work for ensembles, soloists, and organizations including the New York Philharmonic, the American Symphony Orchestra, and the Paris Opera Ballet. In this colorful conversation, Muhly and Glass discuss music, anxiety, and their image of the first Christmas.

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Neil Gaiman Reads "A Christmas Carol" (Rebroadcast)

This week, we bring you a rebroadcast of a podcast favorite. Acclaimed author Neil Gaiman comes to the Library to present a memorable reading of A Christmas Carol from the Library’s own rare copy, which includes edits and prompts Charles Dickens wrote in his own hand for his unique readings 150 years ago. Dressed in full costume and joined by writer and BBC researcher Molly Oldfield, Gaiman performs the classic tale as the great author intended.

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Timbaland on Mantronix, Reinvention, & Kids

Renowned music producer Timbaland joins us to talk about his new memoir, “Emperor of Sound,” which provides a long-anticipated inside look at his extraordinary life and career. In this, his first public conversation about his new book, Timbaland sits down with author and educator Dr. Jelani Cobb at the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture to discuss hip hop, creativity, and the passion that drives his artistic career.

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Edmund de Waal on Porcelain, Time Travel, & Sound

Celebrated artist Edmund de Waal's porcelain works can be found in major museum collections around the world. His new book, “The White Road,” chronicles the lure his chosen medium has held over the centuries, as well as its role in his own life and work. In this conversation with NYPL’s Paul Holdengraber, de Waal talks about obsession, history, and why a ceramicist needs literature.

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Gloria Steinem on Sex, Justice, & Magazines

World-renowned activist and writer Gloria Steinem's new book “My Life on the Road” was released in October to critical acclaim. She came to the Library this fall to talk with attorney Roberta Kaplan, who landed a major victory for the LGBTQ movement by successfully arguing for the repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act before the Supreme Court. In this enthralling conversation, Steinem and Kaplan discuss marriage, social justice, and the power of stories to shape our world.

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