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Rosanne Cash on Shakespeare, Performing, & Poetry

Grammy Award-winning musician Rosanne Cash's many accomplishments include penning the bestselling 2010 book “Composed: A Memoir.” In this conversation with NYPL’s Paul Holdengraber, Cash talks about Shakespeare, songwriting, and her father, the great Johnny Cash.

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Dale Russakoff: When Facebook Tried to Save Newark

Journalist Dale Russakoff's new book, “The Prize: Who’s In Charge of America’s Schools,” investigates the state of public education in America’s underserved communities. In this conversation with NYPL’s Jessica Strand, Russakoff tells the story of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s $100 million quest to transform the debilitated school system of Newark, New Jersey — and spark educational change across the country.

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We’re bringing you a special talk with Pulitzer Prize and National Book Award-winning author Robert Caro, whose book “The Power Broker: Robert Moses and the Fall of New York” was hailed by Time magazine as one of the hundred top nonfiction books of all time, and is considered one of the most revealing biographies of the 20th century. In this conversation with essayist and columnist Frank Rich, Caro talks about power, corruption, and the men who shaped the urban landscape of modern-day New York City.

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Elizabeth Alexander & Hilton Als on Dreams & Obsession

We’re kicking off National Poetry Month with award-winning poet Elizabeth Alexander, who came to the Library to celebrate the release of her new memoir, “The Light of the World.” In this provocative conversation with “The New Yorker” writer Hilton Als, Alexander talks about dreams, obsession, and her dedication to social justice.

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